Pubdate: Sun, 22 Oct 2006
Source: Quesnel Cariboo Observer (CN BC)
Copyright: 2006 Quesnel Cariboo Observer
Author: Brian Charles White



Re: Addictive marijuana just isn't any ordinary herb, Feedback, the 
Observer, Oct. 18.

I'm afraid the usually insightful Cyril Tobin is off the mark in his 
latest letter.

It is not, Mr. Tobin, a question of impairment or non-impairment, 
fitness or unfitness for a particular task, high-grade marijuana, 
low-grade marijuana or alcohol.

Any drug introduced into the human body promotes impairment to one 
degree or another.

The question, Mr. Tobin, is: does a prospective employer have the 
right to test job applicants for the possibility of debilitating 
factors prior to the awarding of employment." On this, Mr. Topham, I 
and anyone else possessing clarity of thought are in accord. No.

Once the employer has irrefutable evidence an employee is in fact 
working under the influence of a foreign substance, that employer has 
the right and the duty, after a reasonable attempt at remediation, to 
dismiss the employee. Not before.

This suggests a question only to germane when considering the general 
health of society and its constituent members.

If business is prepared to take the ultimate step in regard to a 
chronically impaired employee, why is the school system so negligent 
in regard to a "pothead" who interferes with a "clean" student's learning?

Why are the "impaired" students not removed from the learning 
environment until they are made healthy?

Why are front-line, capable administrators like yourself not trying 
to vigorously impress upon the minds of misguided ministry 
functionaries, lawyers, judges and psychologists that the present 
response to a situation is utterly untenable?

The real world of work and the real world of school are indeed 
separated, Mr. Tobin, by what appears to be an unbridgeable chasm.

Brian Charles White

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