Pubdate: Fri, 20 Oct 2006
Source: Kootenay Western Star (CN BC)
Copyright: 2006 Kootenay Western Star
Author: Lynsey Franks, Star Editor


Crystal methamphetamine, like many other drugs, have been driven 
underground and become an unspoken subject.

Freedom Quest Regional Youth Services is taking every step to try and 
create an awareness, while offering help and information about the 
dangerous and addictive drug.

Although there are many bigger drug problems than crystal meth in and 
around the region, a recent negative meth campaign has been the cause 
of misinformation, driving users in the wrong direction.

"The challenge is that people don't want to admit that they are using 
the drug," says Tammy Verigin-Burk, director of Freedom Quest.

Verigin-Burk says that the confusion that has arose caused people to 
believe that there was going to be an epidemic of the drug, causing a 
panic and the current situation to worsen.

The forums are being held in order to inform, and help people. It's 
important for people to know that if they are in fact using the drug, 
that they can seek help without feeling ashamed.

"As a community, we can help people," says Verigin-Burk, accenting 
the complexity of the problem. "It's not as simple as just smashing 
down the meth dealers house."

There are a total of six forums being held throughout Trial and 
Fruitvale, including: two youth forums, two community forums and two 
family forums. Each event will have service provider tables 
consisting of a panel of speakers to answer questions.
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