Pubdate: Wed, 18 Oct 2006
Source: Topsail Voice (Hampstead, NC)
Copyright: 2006 Hamsptead Publishing, LLC.
Author: Redford Givens


Dear Editor, After 92 straight years of failure, it is amazing that 
the Topsail Voice still thinks there is some virtue in a lunatic drug 
crusade. Rather than making communities more "family friendly," the 
drug war exposes children to a dangerous criminal black market that 
functions in the shadows of Surf City

Banning drug paraphernalia is merely a panicked extension of 
hypocritical drug war thinking that has made drug crimes and 
overdoses commonplace where they never existed before.

No one was robbing, whoring and murdering to get drugs when addicts 
could buy all of the heroin, morphine, cocaine and anything else they 
wanted cheaply and legally at the corner pharmacy.  A legal heroin 
habit cost less than tobacco addiction (25c per week) and "drug 
crime" was unknown. The term drug crime is an invention of 
prohibitionists trying to cover the effects of their failed drug policy.

Unintentional opiate overdose deaths were extremely rare before drugs 
were outlawed. Most drug deaths before the Harrison Narcotic Act were 
suicides. Nowadays, Drug Czar John Walters tells us there are more 
than 30,000 accidental drug deaths every year.

Proof that hard line American style drug prohibition causes drug 
deaths and drug crime comes from the Swiss Heroin Maintenance Program 
where addicts are supplied with cheap, pure heroin and cocaine. 
Overdose deaths and injection-transmitted diseases (HIV/AIDS, Hep C 
etc) are now a rarity in Switzerland . The Swiss have not had a 
single overdose death in the program. Crime among Swiss addicts has 
dropped 97-percent and the criminal drug black market has vanished 
since the Swiss began providing addicts with cheap legal drugs. Swiss 
policy has resulted in an 82-percent decrease in heroin addiction since 1990.

Using jail cells to treat addicts has not achieved similar success in 
Surf City or anywhere in the United States in the past 92 years. 
Anyone who is truly concerned about the victims of drugs, will work 
to end an immoral drug crusade that murders more than 30,000 people 
every year and spawns a multitude of criminal activity.

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