Pubdate: Fri, 20 Oct 2006
Source: Summit Daily News (CO)
Copyright: 2006 Summit Daily News
Author: Stan White
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If it wasn't for Summit County Commissioner candidate Doug Malkan's 
political activism, the Frisco peninsula would already be misused.

For years there's been developments in Summit County creating and 
preserving open space lands. It compromises work and credibility of 
open space lands if we then take land designated for parks and 
recreation and turn it into commercial usage. It's surprising 
politicians again try developing the peninsula. The peninsula 
location is controversial, like no other. We're not losing CMC, it is 
going to be built somewhere; just not where it doesn't belong.

The effort to build an incinerator in Frisco is also backward 
thinking and Malkan will help guide that plan's end as well. Large 
scale wood burning including two tall smokestacks isn't 
environmentally friendly and might have a place near industrial 
zones, yet seems obviously out of place next to hospitals or mountain 
towns desiring clean air.

Another indicator of a candidate in touch with reality is one 
supporting Amendment 44, legalizing small amounts of cannabis for 
adults. It's unacceptable caging humans for using the God-given plant 
cannabis. Malkan not only supports Amendment 44, but helped put it on 
the ballot.

Summit County will benefit with Malkan's past experience as a 
newspaper owner, publisher and editor along with being a Certified 
Public Accountant. Malkan doesn't have questionable conflicts of 
interest and as a Green Party candidate would add balance to local government.

These are important reasons to vote for Malkan and we'll need him 
when more develop in the future.

Stan White

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