Pubdate: Wed, 11 Oct 2006
Source: Appeal Tribune (OR)
Copyright: 2006 Statesman Journal, Salem, Oregon
Author: Sheldon Traver, Appeal Tribune


MOUNT ANGEL - Parents who suspect their kids may be using drugs now 
have a free tool in their arsenal to discover the truth - a drug test 
by the Mount Angel Police Department.

The department recently received a grant from the Oregon Association 
of Chiefs of Police to allow parents the chance to find out if their 
suspicions are true, or for kids to prove their parents wrong. 
Officer Les Defoor from the Mount Angel Police Department said the 
Parent Aid Program has helped reduce drug-related incidents in many 
of the communities it has been established in.

"Parents were calling and inquiring about drug testing," said Officer 
Les Defoor, who arranged to bring the program to Mount Angel.

While the test is free, Defoor said both the parent and child must be 
willing to sign a release. If one refuses, the test will not be given.

Defoor said the urine test will tell parents if a child has used 
numerous illegal drugs such as meth, marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine or speed.

If the test is positive, the results are given to the parent and all 
information is destroyed.

"Part of the program is agreeing to be confidential," Defoor said. 
"We take all the information and shred it. The test results cannot be 
used against you by any police agency."

If the child disputes the test result, Defoor said the department can 
forward the sample to a designated lab for $25.

In addition to testing, the Mount Angel Police Department will give 
parents a list of Marion County resources for overcoming drug 
addiction and counseling.

So far, Police Chief Brent Earhart said about six parents have taken 
advantage of the program and he hopes to see more.

"It's a really good program if there is consent on both sides," 
Earhart said. "It's a great resource for the community."

For more information or to arrange a test, call the Mount Angel 
Police Department at (503) 845-9294.
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