Pubdate: Tue, 10 Oct 2006
Source: Fort Pierce Tribune (FL)
Copyright: 2006 The E.W. Scripps Co.
Author: Hillary Copsey
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PORT ST. LUCIE - A Port St. Lucie woman's apparent plan to start a 
marijuana grow house just got nipped in the bud.

Port St. Lucie police came to [Name redacted] Southwest Cameo 
Boulevard home Saturday evening while investigating a shoplifting at 
the Wal-Mart on Okeechobee Road. According to an arrest report, the 
35- year-old admitted to stealing a large, flat-screen television 
from Wal- Mart after police found it in the back of her green Chevy Blazer.

Police also found six other televisions in the house - including two 
[Name redacted] said were stolen from Wal-Marts in Port St. Lucie and 
West Palm Beach. Together, the televisions are worth almost $5,000, 
according to police reports.

While searching, Officer Joseph Chamberlin noticed many black plastic 
bags in the garage similar to bags he had seen while helping 
detectives investigate marijuana farms in the city. Chamberlin also 
found a locked bedroom.

The officer went inside the bedroom to find it gutted, with 
insulation covering the window.

"It appeared she was anticipating starting a grow house, but hadn't 
begun yet," police spokesman Officer Robert Vega said.

[Name redacted] potential grow house does not seem to be linked to 
the almost 60 marijuana farms discovered in Port St. Lucie since May, 
Vega said.

Police arrested [Name redacted] on charges of grand theft and took 
her to the St. Lucie County jail. No drug charges are pending, Vega 
said, because the grow house was not in operation.

[Name redacted] was released on $5,000 bail Sunday. She could not be 
reached Monday.
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