Pubdate: Wed, 04 Oct 2006
Source: Dominican Today (Dominican Republic)
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NEW YORK.- The U.S. South District Federal Court in New  York, where 
the drug-trafficking and money laundering  case against the 
ex-Dominican Army captain [Name redacted]  is being heard, condemned 
its first defendant,  the businessman Jose Perez Ferreras.

He had pleaded guilty only to the money laundering  charges in a 
previous bargaining with the State  Prosecutor, which guaranteed an 
18 month jail sentence,  and a 10,000 dollar fine and 3 years 
probation, He  began his prison term at the federal facility at 
150  Park Row in Lower Manhattan.

Perez was the last suspect extradited from the  Dominican Republic in 
connection with the [Name redacted] case,  but the first to accept 
responsibility in the  laundering of millions of Dominican pesos and 
hundreds  of thousands of dollars.

The lawyer Stanislao German, whom represents the Moca  natives [Name 
redacted], and [Name redacted] , who are  free on bail, confirmed the 
information on Perez's  sentence, but said that in court the U.S. 
Government  did not reveal the total amount of the money laundered.

In the case 17 lawyers conduct the defense of those indicted.

In reference to the opening of the criminal trial,  German said that 
it could possibly take one more year,  due to the enormous amount of 
documents, the motions  presented by the defense lawyers and the 
Government's  legal strategies.

He said that each lawyer must study the situation  specific to their 
respective clients in order to work  each case adequately.
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