Pubdate: Sat, 23 Sep 2006
Source: Register-Guard, The (OR)
Copyright: 2006 The Register-Guard
Author: Jim Greig


On Sept. 16, I was at the Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza and was a bit 
surprised to see Lane County Commissioner Peter Sorenson step up to 
the microphone.

He told us we should consider his visit a short town hall meeting. He 
gave a brief statement, and then asked if anyone had any questions.

I did and prefaced my question with statements before asking the Big 
Question. I reminded everyone that Oregon voters approved medicinal 
use of cannabis in 1998, but it was not as comprehensive a law as needed.

For me, the situation is reminiscent of women's rights after the Roe 
vs. Wade decision. Women had a right to choice, but no access to 
abortion clinics. It is the same situation with Oregon Medical 
Marijuana Patients - we still do not have safe access to our medicine.

I finally asked, "Are you in favor of state-regulated, 
nonprofit-operated medical cannabis dispensaries?"

He answered in a word, "Yes," and then went on a few seconds later to 
explain why - and it could not have been stated better!

I hope this November we can elect more public officials with 
leadership qualities like Sorenson's. We need leaders who aren't 
afraid to do what is right and will work diligently to allow medical 
marijuana patients access to our much-needed medicine at a local dispensary.

Oregonians support death with dignity. We need to support life with 
dignity, too!

Jim Greig

Oregon Organizer Americans For Safe Access

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