Pubdate: Fri, 27 Jan 2006
Source: Metro (CN BC)
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Alert: Steve Kubby Is in the Placer County Jail
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American Uses Marijuana to Combat Cancer

An American "pot refugee" was deported from Canada yesterday, after
years of legal battles to stay.

Steve Kubby, who smokes marijuana to combat adrenal cancer, argued he
is in danger of dying if he is incarcerated in the United States and
deprived of the drug. Kubby faces a 120-day sentence in California for
a minor drug charge. But Canada's Immigration and Refugee board ruled
against him, noting that California permits the use of medical marijuana.

"I'm going to see a doctor as soon as I touch down," Kubby told
reporters before boarding a plane to San Francisco. "I'm just going to
do the best I can because we want justice."

Kubby's wife and two children have until Monday to leave, his lawyer
Kirk Tusaw said.

Tusaw noted that Kubby has filed two appeals in Canadian federal

"We shouldn't be kicking these folks out while they still have appeal
rights in Canada," he said. 
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