Pubdate: Fri, 27 Jan 2006
Source: Vancouver 24hours (CN BC)
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Author: Irwin Loy, 24 Hours
Alert: Steve Kubby Is in the Placer County Jail
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He was about to be kicked out of the country, but medical marijuana
advocate Steve Kubby still has kind words for Canadians.

"The people of Canada have just been so warm and understanding," Kubby
told reporters at Vancouver International Airport yesterday afternoon.
"...If our time has run out in Canada then I accept that."

The California man this month failed to convince a Federal Court
justice to strike down a deportation order. Kubby's wife, Michelle,
reluctantly agreed it was time to go.

"I've been disappointed. The judges have not shown us any
consideration. They've not really listened to my evidence, nor have
they answered all the questions I've asked of the law," she said. "At
some point you just have to give it up."

Steve Kubby could face jail time after being convicted of possessing a
small amount of mescaline back home. He was originally sentenced to
house arrest, but a California prosecutor recently told a newspaper
there Kubby could face jail time for breaching his probation by being
in Canada. That could be disastrous for him, says a man acting as
Kubby's lawyer, because Kubby suffers from a rare form of adrenal cancer.

"The officials in Canada might be sending him back to a death sentence
in the States," said Bill McPike.

Kubby plans on turning himself in to a Placer County court next week.
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