Pubdate: Tue, 29 Aug 2006
Source: Chronicle-Journal, The (CN ON)
Copyright: 2006 The Chronicle-Journal
Author: Rebecca Ambrose
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By Rebecca Ambrose, Pass Lake

Re "Drug bust nets 700 pot plants" (Aug. 28).

It is frightening and sad to me that local police feel they must put 
themselves in harm's way for such a futile cause. For every few 
grow-operations busted, dozens more operate under the radar of the 
police. Proof of this is simple -- pot is still readily available 
here in Thunder Bay and right across Canada.

We accept that alcohol and cigarettes are not healthy lifestyle 
choices, but we have mitigated the harms of these substances by 
allowing them to be sold in a regulated market.

Drug dealers don't ask for I.D. If we really cared for the safety of 
our children and our police, than we would adopt this regulatory 
approach to pot as well.
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