Pubdate: Mon, 28 Aug 2006
Source: Nunavut News North (CN NU)
Page: 11
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Author: Jason DeVries


In light of all the controversy surrounding Rev. Ed DeVries, leader of
the Nunavut Marijuana Party, I felt it necessary to put in my two
cents. I give it to Ed for his honesty and coming forth to everyone,
rather than hiding behind closed doors. I can certainly understand
people's resentment and anger towards him, as everyone is entitled to
their opinion and I remain neutral to it all.

Nunavut as a territory has its share of problems ranging from alcohol
abuse, rape, child molestation, spousal abuse, fetal alcohol syndrome,
and suicide to name a few. I believe it is not a direct result from
marijuana use. There are many other factors that play part in the
whole grand scheme of things here in the territory. There are other
drugs available to people, such as alcohol, crack/cocaine, ecstasy,
and mushrooms.

Ed DeVries believes that what he is doing can benefit the people of
Nunavut if applied properly through educating people. He's a strong
believer of natural healing and pain relief not only through the use
of marijuana but using traditional eastern methodology techniques such
as reflexology and massage therapy. It is unfair to judge a man
without actually knowing him on a personal level. Almost everyone has
a ghost in their closet. Ed has simply come forth and has chosen to
remove his ghosts.

I myself am not a drug user of any sort, as I was brought up with a
loving mother and father who instilled the moral values that make me
who I am today. They taught me how to respect myself and others. I was
also taught something that some people find hard to understand; I was
taught unconditional love. Through thick or thin and no matter what
happens with you or whomever, love is unconditional. One other thing I
was taught by my parents was choice. Yes, the power to choose to be
who I wanted to be, and to choose to use drugs or alcohol or not to. I
overcame losing my mother at a young age and had a father who suffered
from alcoholism.

Proud of His Father

I am proud to say that my father has been sober for more than 13
years. Growing up, marijuana was around me every day and it was never
hidden from me.

The ironic thing about all this is my father - you see my father is
Rev. Ed DeVries, I am his son and my name is Jason DeVries - I am
not afraid nor am I ashamed to admit who I or my father is because I
am proud that he is able to come forth and be who he is without having
to hide or shy away.

It was my father who gave me my morals and instilled my values at a
young age. My father taught me about choice. He is not a stupid man by
far, and has a wealth of information on a range of subjects and knows
what the benefits of marijuana are.

I have always done what I do, and my father has supported me. My
father has always done what he does and will always continue to do it.
We both live in different worlds; however we both support each other.
There are times when I shake my head at the things he does, but at the
end of the day I just shrug it off and smile.

I love my father, it's unconditional.

Jason DeVries

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