Pubdate: Fri, 11 Aug 2006
Source: Inuvik Drum (CN NT)
Copyright: 2006 Northern News Services
Author: Dez Loreen
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Dry Spells Good For Inuvik

THE ISSUE: Marijuana

WE SAY: Supply drought a good thing

Just when you thought it would be a good time to watch the movie Half Baked 
and play some X-Box, you realize the brutal truth.

Your stash can is empty and no one is holding.

Inuvik has been depleted of weed once again, at least that is the word on 
the street. Stoners and dopers alike have been without their fix for at 
least a week, and it may be time for a replacement pastime.

It is during the dry-spells that I see a more active Inuvik. More people 
out on the streets walking around town. Sure, maybe they're just looking 
for the herb, but at least they got out of the hot box long enough to 
breathe some fresh, crisp air.

This weekend was a busy one, with people up and about in every part of town.

I saw a lot of people out watching the slo-pitch tourney this weekend and 
enjoying the beer gardens as well. I'm not saying they're all getting high, 
but everyone seemed in a pretty elevated mood.

Maybe the absence of reefer in our town is one of those supposedly positive 
things, like the pipeline. But wait, aren't people debating that as well? 
My ideals are being challenged and I don't know how to deal with it. Maybe 
this town is fuelled by weed.

I know that dope has always been around and always will be, but it's during 
the droughts that we see the true beauty of the town as the haze is lifted 
from our eyes.

We are all affected by weed and know people who use the plant, be it 
recreationally on the weekends, or habitually. It would be blind to say 
that the younger generation haven't been touched yet.

Hopefully though, the younger people realize the long term effects of 
taking the drug and are aware of the costs involved.

I'm sure there have been lots of you who have been slaving over your pipes, 
scraping resin deposits. Maybe as I write this, another shipment will 
arrive and people will clam back up in their smoke pits and watch the same 
episodes of Family Guy over and over again.

I know what it feels like to play soccer for hours on end and walk around 
the Boot Lake trails, regardless of bear warnings.

After getting a pretty good farmer's tan this weekend from being outside, I 
think I prefer the latter of the two choices.
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