Pubdate: Mon, 23 Jan 2006
Source: Contra Costa Times (CA)
Copyright: 2006 Knight Ridder
Author: Glenn White
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I agree with Juan Navaez (Letters, Jan. 14) that the California 
budget is full of entitlement programs controlled by unions.

The most notorious are law enforcement unions, particularly the 
prison guards, which corrupted Gray Davis.

Their opposition to Prop. 36 demonstrates their desire to punish 
those who have harmed no one or their property with incarceration 
under their supervision that includes racism, prison gangs, violence 
and same-sex rape for essentially political crimes.

This is the very behavior the men of Sodom threatened against Lot 
(Gen. 19:5-9). A Christian nation should know Jesus the Healer does 
not support institutional sodomy by Caesar's godless communistic 
industrial penal complex to cure medical conditions like drug problems.

Greed for public funding and contempt for American democracy drives 
the disdain for both Prop. 36 and Prop. 215 by these Marxist unions.

These immoral unions actually admit addicts recruit new addicts to 
sell to and that children have greater access to drugs than adults 
with their black-market system.

That they say marijuana is a gateway to the black market yet refuse 
to shut down that gateway through legalization of marijuana proves 
their argument for deterrence are lies covering their terrorist actions.

They actually need to attract more young folks to illegal drugs with 
this gateway because their funding depends on it.

The governor should not be a girlie-man, like Davis, and insist on 
ending the most corrupting and destructive entitlement programs in 
the budget: The left-wing godless communistic drug war programs.

Glenn White

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