Pubdate: Thu, 17 Aug 2006
Source: Herald, The (WA)
Copyright: 2006 The Daily Herald Co.
Author: Susan Martin


I want to thank the writer of the Sunday letter "Education need for
school board" for his truthful letter about drug testing. I have been
against drug testing in the job world for years. The only people who
stand to lose their jobs are the good, hard-working, morally and
ethically sound pot smokers of my generation (the baby boomers). Pot
shows up even if they haven't smoked in weeks or days (it stays in
your fat). All the people on the really harsh, dangerous, drugs are
keeping their jobs and putting all their co-workers at risk. How safe
is someone who hasn't slept in a week?

I know a couple general contractors who purposely don't test their
crews because they would have to fire all of their employees because
they know the workers puff pot after work. Hard drug users can pass
drug tests in three days. Pot smokers can't even go home and enjoy a
puff on weekends or in the evenings like their fellow alcohol
consuming co-workers ... because it stays in their systems. They can
test "positive" and not have smoked at all for days. Just because it
is in their fat cells does not mean it is affecting their ability to
work. No one should lose their job for what they do on their own
personal time.

Pot smokers are honest, PTA-attending, moral, ethical people. The same
cannot be said about meth or heroin users. I am a recovered heroin
addict and no job could pay me enough to support my habit. It's a fact
that hard drug users have to commit several felonies per week to
support their habits. No pot smoker has to steal to support their
"habit" anymore than beer drinkers have to steal for a six-pack. Who
would you rather have working for you?


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