Pubdate: Thu, 17 Aug 2006
Source: Nelson Daily News (CN BC)
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Author: Philip McMillan
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To the editor:

I am always amazed when people try to regulate human behavior.  What 
makes people think that they can tell others what to do, what is 
right and what is wrong?

There are cannabis activists including myself that are trying to 
promote the idea that responsible adult consumption of cannabis is 
harming no one.  Yet people like Nicole Larusso "Drug crusaders 
listen up," (NDN letters, August 15, 2006) want to lump all cannabis 
users into one group and portray us as all as being irresponsible and 
deserving of some kind of punishment.  It kind of reminds me of 
Nelson's dog by-law.

Also, why is it that people like to focus on the surface problems 
instead of what (are) the root causes.  Irresponsible drug use is a 
surface problem.  The poverty, lack of education and employment, and 
a government that protects corporate interest over the interest of 
its people are the root causes.

Finally, prohibition creates crime not cannabis.  We should have 
learned these lessons with alcohol prohibition.  You can not force 
people to give up their vices and when you do, you give the money for 
those vices over to the hands of criminals.  In fact it can create 
vast criminal empires (like the C.I.A.).

In fact when you boil down the whole issue it comes down to money. 
Pharmaceutical companies want you to keep buying their drugs with 
harsh side effects.  Police forces want to keep their budgets up so 
they criminalize a health issue.

I think people need to really research this issue instead of 
regurgitating old, disproved propaganda.

Philip McMillan

Nelson Cannabis Compassion Club
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