Pubdate: 14 Jan 2006
Source: York Evening Press (UK)
Contact:  2006 Newsquest Media Group - A Gannett Company
Author: Steve Clements, Legalise Cannabis Alliance
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TERRY Smith seems to believe that the Government is going to outlaw 
cannabis (Letters, January 4). Funny I thought it already was.

Of course driving while intoxicated is irresponsible in the extreme, 
whatever substance it may be, but I'm afraid that the legality of the 
substance concerned has absolutely nothing to do with someone's 
ill-judged decisions.

There are at least four million people already using cannabis in this 
country and the prohibition laws are one of the biggest failures of 
modern times. While cannabis is illegal there can be no useful 
campaigns about driving under its influence.

It has not been proved to impair driving ability; in fact, several 
studies have suggested that its effect on driving is negligible when 
compared with alcohol - the legal destroyer of lives.

The coroners and police officers that talk about the "evidence" of 
its effects on driving would be hard pressed to find any meaningful 
research. So to continue to profligate this misinformation is 
irresponsible beyond words. Take that from someone who has 25 years 
research into cannabis and four years working in rehab.

The continued spin and propaganda of a "concerned" Charles Clarke, 
Home Secretary, seem to be misplaced, when you hear little of this 
concern about the 20 children a day admitted to hospital on mental 
health grounds after drinking alcohol.

Few things in life are free from harm. However, the overwhelming 
majority of cannabis users do no harm to anyone or to society. Why 
should society wish to do harm to them?

Steve Clements,

The Legalise Cannabis Alliance,

Asquith Avenue,

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