Pubdate: Fri, 04 Aug 2006
Source: Weyburn This Week (CN SN)
Copyright: 2006 Weyburn This Week
Author: Nathan Holowaty
Note: Title by MAP


In regard to the truth about marijuana from Friday July

Unfortunately this article is not only misleading but also dangerously
insidious against the millions of peaceful and otherwise law abiding
citizens of this country who happen to use cannabis products.

Marijuana may not be for everyone, however the people who do use
marijuana with much benefit in therapeutic, spiritual or recreational
circumstances generally do so with no ill effect. The most harmful
part of marijuana is that you can end up in jail for it. It is far
more unethical to throw someone in jail for marijuana than it is for
someone to actually use the product itself.

Yes there are people with drug addictions, which are not healthy for
themselves or society, however all drugs are different and marijuana
is the least harmful of all the drugs mentioned in the article.

It is impossible to overdose on marijuana and it is not a physically
addictive substance.

There are countless government studies such as the Canadian Senate
Report on Cannabis from 2002, which tell Canadians the truth about
Marijuana. I challenge readers to research this, and the history of
various members of the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and textile
industries and how their lies led to the suppression of hemp products
such as marijuana, which have helped to perpetuate their elite
dominance over western society and the world.In the early years of
prohibition these lies may have been considered harmless as we had yet
to send millions to jail using billions of dollars. However many
people prefer to find a scapegoat to the many ills of society, and
marijuana users have since taken over that role since the end of WWII
when discrimination on the basis of race became publicly

If Canada were to legalize and regulate marijuana production and
sales, we would easily be able to end child poverty and give everyone
a university education.

Nathan Holowaty

Saskatchewan Marijuana Party Leader
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