Pubdate: Sun, 22 Jan 2006
Source: Metrowest Daily News (MA)
Copyright: 2006 MetroWest Daily News
Author: Kim  Hanna
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I remember legislative hearings on medical marijuana where Sen. Moore
was deriding, sneering and laughing at sick people because they asked
his help in getting medical marijuana. That was over five years ago.
Those same people  are still waiting for the Massachusetts State
Legislature to act on medical  marijuana legislation for the most sick
and vulnerable citizens we have, while  Sen. Moore still mocks them in
your newspaper. Sen. Moore says,  "Even if we were to pass the bill,
it would have no meaning," and that is false.  A state law for medical
marijuana prevents arrest by local and state police when  the patient
is enrolled in the state marijuana program. That's what the  Rhode
island law does for sick people; it prevents local arrest. It protects
 people from arrest for possessing or growing marijuana. Since most
arrests for  marijuana are by local and state police, sick people have
protection, and it is  a very important state law.

Sen. Moore is  wrong on marijuana research since the feds block 99
percent of research requests  and provide low-grade marijuana for any
other tests that they approve. Research  shows medical marijuana is
very effective. Just Google and find out.

Sen. Moore took  an oath to represent his district, and his district
has spoken with a 69 percent  registered vote to allow medical
marijuana. He should speed the marijuana  forward or resign his
position as a senator. The people have spoken.

 Kim  Hanna
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