Pubdate: Fri, 20 Jan 2006
Source: Boston Herald (MA)
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Section: Inside  Track
Cited: High Times
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It's High Time someone pointed out that cranky comic  Bill Maher of HBO's
Real Time is America's No. 1 Stoner Comic.  And who better than the
cannabis-crazed crowd at High Times to bestow the honor? No one on
television is more open about his pot use than the HBO talk-show host,
maggie  editor Steve Bloom wrote of Maher in the March issue, which ranks
the Top  10 Stoner Comics.

Doug  Benson, connoisseur of cannabis culture and co-writer of the
off-Broadway  hit, The Marijuana-Logues, puffs in at No. 2. Burlington
homegal Amy Poehler of Saturday Night Live is next on the hit parade.
Apparently the boys at High Times enjoy the way Amy delivers the drug news
with  cheeky charm during her Weekend Update reports. Sacha Baron  Cohen,
star of Da Ali G Show, rings in at No. 4 on the dope docket because  he
regularly references pot on his program. And, of course, which stoner list
would be complete without Jack Black and Kyle Gass for their  burnout band
bit, Tenacious D?

Next up: Jon  Stewart of The Daily Show loves to remind viewers about his
cameo in Half Baked, said Bloom. His fearlessness to gab about ganja gives
him the  sixth stoner slot, while his Half Baked co-star, Jim Breuer, slides
in  at No. 7.

Sarah  Silverman's proclivity to bake her own pot cookies and share them
around  Hollywood earns her the eighth slot, followed by Andover's own Jay
Leno  because the king of late night loves to dish out the pot jokes, said
Bloom. Lastly, there's  stoner standup Jackie The Joke Man Martling. He
peppers his performance with pot references and, of course, his appearance
in the 1992 flick High Times Potluck was a tour de force! High Times March
issue hits the stands next week. Aren't you stoked?
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