Pubdate: Tue, 17 Jan 2006
Source: Eastern Daily Press (Norwich, UK)
Copyright: 2006sArchant Regional
Author: Alun Buffry, Legalise Cannabis Alliance


In the article "Cannabis 'led to my son's illness" (EDP January 10), 
Mr Ivor King blames the use of cannabis for his son's (Richard) 
terrible mental health problems and actions and calls upon Home 
Secretary Charles Clarke to upgrade the classification of cannabis.

When Richard developed the problems in the 1980's, cannabis WAS class 
B: the maximum penalty for possession was 5 years and it was long 
before police started issuing warnings instead of arrests.

Obviously class B status did to prevent that tragedy whilst leading 
to the prosecution of  about tens of thousands of people who had not 
suffered and had done no harm through their cannabis use.

Furthermore, Richard also consumed alcohol... which undoubtedly can 
induce a form of psychosis that can lead to erratic behaviour.

Everything in the world that we come into contact with has an element 
of risk for someone.

In most cases credible and accurate advice can be given to decrease 
that risk - not possible with.  So long as cannabis remains illegal, 
those warnings remain undeliverable to the people who count - 
particularly youngsters who see the cannabis ban as illogical and 
unjustifiable and become alienated to authority - cannabis use is 
very much mixed up with rebellion against a hypocritical system of law.

It's easy for people to blame cannabis for problems. It is the 
prohibition itself that creates far more problems for far more 
people, as well as criminal convictions and records that will effect 
them for possibly the rest of  their lives.

Alun Buffry,

Legalise Cannabis Alliance PO Box 198 Norwich NR3 3WB
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