Pubdate: Thu, 12 Jan 2006
Source: Gilroy Dispatch, The (CA)
Copyright: 2006 The Gilroy Dispatch
Author: John Davis, Gilroy
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"That would be something for the District Attorney's office, but I 
can say personally that having been in the detective division, I'm 
familiar with Ed, I've been to court with Ed, and I've never seen him 
do his job with other than the utmost integrity and care for his clients."

Well after reading that Quote, I found myself wondering if the local 
police keep this attitude about everyone who smokes a "little" pot? 
This is a powerful double message any way you look at it. It looks 
like the trickle down theory does work, GWB has used similar tactics 
and statements to defend his "style of government" and uses the laws 
selectively as well. Now seems it has reached the local level.

To exonerate oneself is the supreme insult to the whole who are 
governed by these individuals. Keeping his job? No one could defend 
this misfit under these circumstances. and his rooting section at the 
police department needs to be reconsidered as well, after all it is 
these very same people who break down your door based on a phone call 
and search your homes with bullet proof vests on and powerful weapons 
loaded and ready to use.

Try to find another circumstance when the local police stand up for 
anyone using pot and how it might affect them, isn't this what they 
have been telling us for years now and now we need to turn our heads 
while an official walks by untouched? I find this intolerable and 
repugnant at best. both of these men should be tared and feathered 
and run out of town. Medical marijuana should be available to those 
suffering and in need, but the local DA? Please, let's get these 
people some new jobs, somewhere else.
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