Pubdate: Tue, 10 Jan 2006
Source: Vancouver 24hours (CN BC)
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Author: Matt Kieltyka, 24 Hours	
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Michele Kubby stood outside federal court in Vancouver yesterday in
tears, saying all she can do is wait for a knock on the door before
being forced out of the country.

Kubby was in court to make the last stand for her husband, Steve
Kubby, a cancer patient and medical marijuana user who is facing
deportation to face a 1998 California drug conviction. She told the
courtroom that if deported, Steve would be thrown in jail and wouldn't
have access to the treatment he needs.

"My husband is being asked to go down to the States and be an
experiment to see how long he lasts without medical help," Kubby
argued at one point. "Sorry to get angry, but my husband's life is on
the line."

Steve Kubby was to serve a three-month term under house arrest in 2001
for growing marijuana in his home, but came to Canada with his family
due to more lenient drug laws.

Yesterday's hearing marked the end of a long legal battle including
the immigration refugee board, court of appeal and federal court.

The decision, expected later this week, will determine whether Kubby
will be granted leave to stay in Canada. The entire family, who reside
in a rural area near Kamloops, faces deportation.

Immigration lawyer Keith Reimer said there are compassionate-use laws
available in California for Kubby to use marijuana and that his life
would not be in danger if he was deported.

Feeling hopelessness after taking her husband's defense into her own
hands, Kubby asked Canadians for help and understanding.

"I'm not a lawyer, I'm a wife and a mother," she cried. "I need to ask
the Canadian people for help because I'm losing the battle for my
husband's life. We're waiting for a knock on the door for someone to
take us away." 
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