Pubdate: Sat, 07 Jan 2006
Source: Northern Territory News (Australia)
Copyright: 2006 Northern Territory News
Author: Gary Meyerhoff
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The article "Too much herb spoils drug chooks" (Northern Territory 
News, December 22) is a perfect example of the mass paranoid delusion 
that grips Australian society when it comes to illicit drugs.

Maningrida officer-in-charge Ray Musgrave told the Northern Territory 
News that cannabis use was rife in some communities and police were 
keen to crack down on dealers.

He said: "Our long-term goal is to persuade people taking and selling 
drugs it is not in their best interests - we just have to keep grinding away."

Just who is Sergeant Musgrave to tell people that it is not in "their 
best interests" to buy or sell illicit drugs?

Who declared him an expert of the health effects and benefits of a 
drug such as cannabis, that is as safe as houses and has been used 
for many years?

It seems, these days, anything that puts a smile on your face is illegal.

Gary Meyerhoff

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