Pubdate: Fri, 6 Jan 2006
Source: DrugSense Weekly (DSW)
Section: Feature Article
Author: Richard Lake


Again this year two letter writers are so close in their total number 
of published letters for the year that DrugSense wishes to recognize 
both for their accomplishments.

Robert Sharpe had 241 letters published last year that we know of, 
raising his career total to an amazing 1,421 published.

In 1999 Robert started writing letters as a student at George 
Washington University and a member of their Students for Sensible 
Drug Policy ( ).  Then he often used his SSDP 
chapter membership in his signature block to improve his chances of 
being published.  We first recognized Robert's letter writing 
accomplishments in May, 2000 as you can see in this photo

Today Robert writes as a volunteer for CSDP ( ). 
He signs his letters "Robert Sharpe, policy analyst, Common Sense for 
Drug Policy, Washington, D.C." Robert tells us that he is spending 
about an hour a day after work sending out letters, and yes, many 
more are not published than are. Robert has provided us with his tips 
for letter writing success at

You may read all of Robert's published letters at

Kirk Muse of Mesa, Arizona had 212 letters published during 2005 that 
we know of, bringing his career total to 627.

Kirk also supports the Media Awareness Project of DrugSense by 
newshawking news clippings, well over a thousand in the past year. By 
newshawking Kirk sees targets and frequently sends his letters to the 
editor to the newspapers before others are even aware of the news 
clipping.  Kirk is pictured, with MAP editor Beth Wehrman, at last 
November's Drug Policy Alliance conference here

Kirk sends copies of his letters to MAP's sent letter email list 
where they can be seen at the list's archives at

Like Robert, Kirk sends many more letters than are ever published.

You may read all of Kirk's published letters at

Every drug policy reform organization encourages writing letters to 
the editor.  It is one of the most cost effective ways for activists 
to keep our issues before the public.  DrugSense recognizes the 
efforts of all our letter writing activists, giving recognition 
through links from this webpage We 
also provide a graphic display of the Top 100 Letter Writers here

Thank You Robert and Kirk for all you do for our reform efforts! This 
recognition is well earned. 
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MAP posted-by: Richard Lake