Pubdate: Wed, 04 Jan 2006
Source: Weymouth News (MA)
Copyright: 2006 Weymouth News
Author: Dan  Duncombe


To the editor:

I just read officer Jim Bowen's letter  published in the Weymouth News
on Wed., Dec 21.

I would like to point out a blaring hole in  his argument for the
dangers of marijuana. Don't get me wrong, all drugs have  some danger,
in most cases the dangers are associated with abuse more than 
responsible use. I believe this also indicates a somewhat desperate
search for  an argument on his part.

One of his claims is quoted below:

"If smoking pot is no big deal as some  defenders of the drug claim,
how would they feel if they were having open heart  surgery and their
doctor was high on it, or if they boarded a plane and the  pilot just
smoked pot? Let's be honest."

Ok "Let's be honest" If a doctor or a pilot  is using any drug while
on the job, this is considered drug abuse, not  responsible use."
Couldn't you substitute one of the most dangerous and legal  drugs,
alcohol, in this statement and come up with the same results? Would
you  want a drunk doctor operating on you? Or a drunk pilot flying the
plane you are  traveling on? Of course not.

If this is the best argument he can come up  with, his lack of sound
information is evident. If that is truly the reason he  wants
marijuana to remain illegal, surely he must be trying to bring back 
alcohol prohibition. Unless you live under a stone, you know what a
failure that  was. We all know the large number of people that die
each year from alcohol and  tobacco use. Tobacco alone is roughly
440,000 deaths a year. After all,  something that can lead to death,
surely is a dangerous drug? Isn't that right,  Mr Bowen? There is not
one documented case of death from marijuana use.  Proponents of
legalization are supporting responsible use, not abuse. They also 
support education and trea tment over incarceration.

Mr. Bowen needs to step back and look at the  big picture.
Prohibition does not work. It has been proven again and again 
throughout our history. I once read a famous quote that says " You
can't see the  picture if you are inside the frame." Step back,
Officer Bowen, You only see a  small percentage of the picture. I
believe you have good intentions. But your  approach has failed
miserably in the past and will do nothing to accomplish your  goals
now or in the future. "keep doing what you're doing and you keep
getting  what you're getting" The time has come for a change in how we
deal with this  problem, if in fact we truly want a change.

Dan Duncombe

Newport, Me
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