Pubdate: Thu, 28 Dec 2006
Source: Wheat City Journal (CN MB)
Copyright: 2006 Wheat City Journal.
Author: Kyla Henderson
Bookmark: (Methamphetamine)


A substance believed to be crystal methamphetamine was found in both 
a Brandon elementary school and a Brandon high school last week.

Dr. Donna Michaels, superintendent of the Brandon School Division, 
said that Waverly Park School and Vincent Massey High School were 
searched with a drug dog last Tuesday evening. The search turned up a 
few grams of a substance believed to be crystal methamphetamine (or 
crystal meth as it's commonly referred to) in common areas in the 
schools, not in individual lockers.

Michaels said principals in both Waverly Park and Vincent Massey had 
reasonable suspicions to warrant a dog search of the schools. The 
search was done by a private company, not by the Brandon Police 
service, and was in accordance with the Brandon School Division 
policy addressing searches, inspections, screenings and seizure.

Michaels said the find is very concerning to the school division.

"Crystal meth is highly addictive and destructive and I find it very, 
very concerning that it was found, especially at the elementary 
level, but also at the high school," Michaels said.

Education about crystal meth and the dangers the drug poses has been 
on-going and Michaels said the school division will continue to 
educate students and parents about the drug.

"We have quite the on-going education program in the schools and in 
the division. We have the Community Drug and Alcohol Coalition . . . 
we're working to continue the education about this drug," Michaels said.

Brandon Police Service Sgt. Rick Semler said the substance, which was 
turned over to police by the Brandon School Division last Wednesday 
morning, said field tests will be done on the substance to determine 
whether it is crystal meth and an investigation is under way.

Michaels said the school division will keep on top of the problem.

"We will continue to do searches and issue the consequences," she said.