Pubdate: Sun, 19 Jun 2005
Source: Chicago Sun-Times (IL)
Copyright: 2005 The Sun-Times Co.
Author: Gary Storck


Having the good sense to admit one is wrong, even belatedly, is a good
thing, and I was pleased to see the U.S. Senate actually do something
to heal and bring people together for a change, "Senate finally says
sorry about lynching" [June 14].

I hope someday soon Congress will also apologize for not only
initiating policies that criminalize patients using medical marijuana,
but also failing to halt it for decades. Clinging to a policy that
targets some of our most defenseless citizens and withholds, by force,
medicine they need to live or have a quality of life is not only cruel
and immoral, but a stain on our nation.

Gary Storck

Madison, Wis.
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