Pubdate: Wed, 15 Jun 2005
Source: Messenger-Inquirer (KY)
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Author: Owen Covington


The Daviess County Detention Center is offering another tool to help
inmates in jail because of an addiction find a way to keep from coming

This week, more than 80 members of the jail's general population began
participating in Recovery Dynamics, a weekly substance abuse
counseling program based on the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

"It's a way for them to see that there's hope out there," said Donna
Nolan, coordinator of the jail's GOALS substance abuse treatment
program. "It's making them slow down and think about what they do."

Recovery Dynamics was developed by The Kelly Foundation, an
Arkansas-based group that has built upon the traditional "12 steps" to
help better explain the steps and help people develop a plan of action
that leads to recovery, according to the group's Web site.

The program differs from traditional addiction programs because it
delves deeper into the root issues behind addiction and focuses on
changing the ways of thinking that have led to substance abuse and
criminal activity, Nolan said.

"We're showing them different ways of thinking," she said. "They can
have all the tools in the world, but if they don't change their way of
thinking, they don't stand a chance."

After orientation last week, the three groups, which range in size
from 25 to 35 inmates, held their first sessions Monday. One of the
groups is made up solely of female inmates, a group which has not had
access to GOALS, the jail's six-month intensive substance abuse
treatment program.

There is a waiting list of about 80 inmates for the Recovery Dynamics
program, Nolan said.

Jailer David Osborne said jail can be the first time in months that
many addicts are sober, which can help them make the decision to get
clean. However, both Recovery Dynamics and the GOALS program require
commitments that many aren't ready to make.

"They're really begging for the tools and a way to change," he said.
"They really are sick and tired. But are you sick and tired enough?
. It's not that easy."

Each of the groups will meet for an hour once a week, and the program
will continue for at least 12 weeks. The groups will have the
flexibility to dwell on any of the steps longer if need be, so the
entire program may run longer, she said.

Graduates of the GOALS program who are still at the jail will also be
working with the Recovery Dynamics participants to provide a different
perspective, Nolan said.

"They can give it from an addict's point of view and I can give it
from the educational point of view," she said.

Applicants for the GOALS program will be taken from the Recovery
Dynamics program, which Nolan said will help ensure the inmates are
committed to participating.

Nolan tells the inmates that if they are applying to the program to
look good in front of the parole board, they are wasting their time.
She wants those selected for the program to be dedicated to making
changes in their lives.

"We're going to see how serious they are about recovery," Nolan said. 
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