Pubdate: Sat, 11 Jun 2005
Source: Kingsport Times-News (TN)
Copyright: 2005 Kingsport Publishing Corporation
Author: Summer Pendergraft


I am deeply disturbed by the Lee town council and the
way they voted on the matter of a methadone clinic opening in Dryden.
They say they want to clean up this town and win the war on drugs, but
they are not willing to do whatever it takes. This community is full
of hypocrites including the town council. They say they care, but they
don't. If they did, a methadone clinic opening here would not be an
issue for them. They would welcome it. At least be willing to learn
about it.

I am living proof that methadone really works and that it is a good
thing, not something to turn away or be scared of. If the town council
in Pennington Gap really does care, then prove it. Sit down with me
and a few other recovering addicts, one on one, and let's discuss what
MMT is from the only people who have the facts, the ones who are living it.

That is my challenge. Now let's see if my phone rings. My number is in
the phone book. I am more than happy to put my life out there for the
greater good, to possibly help save someone else's life.


Pennington Gap, Va. 
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