Pubdate: Wed, 08 Jun 2005
Source: York Evening Press (UK)
Copyright: 2005 Newsquest Media Group - A Gannett Company
Author: Pete Henshall, Legalise Cannabis Alliance


I ADMIRE Aled Jones of Mount Crescent, Bridlington, and T Smith of Heworth, 
York, for their idealistic views on the harms of cannabis and their views 
we shouldn't ever do anything that might be bad for us (Letters, June 3).

I hope they enjoy their Government-sanctioned cotton wool-lined cells that 
they will end up in with that attitude - a cell like that would be a world 
free from harm after all!

Back in the real world where the majority of people drink alcohol with few 
problems and some people choose to smoke tobacco, to say that cannabis can 
do more harm than either of those or the cannabis laws themselves shows 
complete ignorance.

I doubt either Mr Jones or Mr Smith have ever even seen cannabis, let alone 
actually smoked some to know what it really does.

I can assure them that if it really did cause any real problems to the 
average user I wouldn't be able to hold down my 30K per year management job 
and wouldn't have been able to work into that position over the past ten years.

No one has ever died from a cannabis overdose and, used sensibly, it is 
much safer than alcohol, tobacco, sky diving, driving a car, crossing a 
street and many other things we do.

Many tax-paying and otherwise law-abiding people eat or smoke cannabis as 
an alternative to alcohol and tobacco. No victim, no crime.

P Henshall, Legalise Cannabis Alliance executive, Norwich.
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