Pubdate: Fri, 03 Jun 2005
Source: Nunatsiaq News (CN NT)
Copyright: 2005 Nortext Publishing Corporation
Author: Ed deVries
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I am writing to thank Nunatsiaq News for their interest in giving the
Marijuana Party and, I guess, myself, space in the paper to speak to
the people of Nunavut.

I feel I must apologise for a comment I made about some of the
behaviour stemming from attendance at the Legion. The comment was not
meant to offend, nor meant to slander the good work the Legion does,
and the great many ways it and the people who frequent it contribute
to our great community.

This whole marijuana debate has been going on forever and it's not
gonna stop being a merry-go-round of shame and punishment to all of us
until we get off!

Marijuana was here long before I was and it's gonna be here long after
I am gone. So are we - the people of Nunavut - going to continue to
feel shame and persecution? The people I know that use this herb
recreationally are not criminals!

I guess I kinda think like this: "don't give me something to enjoy or
help me and then shame me for doing just that!!" And please, please
stop persecuting us as though we are criminals!!

Ed deVries Marijuana Party candidate

Nunavut Iqaluit
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