Pubdate: Mon, 30 May 2005
Source: Times Union (Albany, NY)
Copyright: 2005 Capital Newspapers Division of The Hearst Corporation
Author: Stephen Heath
Cited: Drug Policy Forum of Florida


Thanks for your May 13 editorial, "Sen. Bruno is right." Your astute
comments when combined with the common sense of Senate Majority Leader
Joseph Bruno provide a real breath of fresh air. It's a refreshing
21st-century contrast to the unrelenting stance of President Bush's
Office of National Drug Control Policy.

The ONDCP, the Drug Enforcement Administration and federal drug czar
John Walters insist that marijuana is of the same medical value as
heroin. By leaving marijuana in Schedule 1 (illegal to prescribe or
possess for any reason), they define all patients who use it as criminals.

Furthermore, Walters and the DEA believe that patients who legally use
marijuana with a doctor's recommendation in the eleven states with
such legal access should be subject to arrest, prosecution and time in
federal prison.

Please continue repudiating this Draconian, reefer-madness policy
whenever you can. And we offer a similar plea to all New York
lawmakers to join Mr. Bruno and abandon support for the ONDCP's
19th-century thinking. Tell Mr. Bruno that you will support the
bipartisan efforts to increase medical freedom in your state. With
leadership like that being demonstrated, there might sooner be a
chance for my own Bush-led state government to get with the program.


Public Relations Director

Drug Policy Forum of Florida

Clearwater, Fla. 
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