Pubdate: Wed, 25 May 2005
Source: Mississauga News (CN ON)
Copyright: The Mississauga News 2005
Author: William Kelley
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Dear Editor:

I moved up to Canada with my wife last September from the U. S. She is 
Canadian and I am American.

I could not believe the Anti-American sentiment I have seen in the news and 
read in the paper. Everyone bashed George Bush (who I wholeheartedly 
support) and praised John Kerry.

I am from Kerry's home state of Massachusetts and thank God every day he 
did not win the election. I think Kerry has the same poor leadership 
qualities as Paul Martin.

And now everyone wants to legalize marijuana as it will save money and 
police lives! That is ridiculous. I read the commentary about the four 
Mounties being killed that suggested if marijuana was legal they would not 
be dead.

That is a completely self-serving statement from a pothead trying to get 
his favorite drug legalized. Those brave officers were killed serving a 
warrant for stolen property and found the grow-op while serving that warrant.

I am also amazed how gay marriage is being shoved down everyone's throat by 
the Prime Minister. I thought it was a democratic government up here.

I was ashamed enough when my home state had gay marriage jammed down its 
throat by a self-righteous judge, but to have the PM say his party must toe 
the line is laughable. If slightly more than half the country is against 
it, the PM is out of touch forcing his views upon the masses.

I won't even get started on the extreme over-taxation Canadians must 
endure. If Canada wants credibility in the world its citizens must stand up 
and start fighting this corrupt government and say enough is enough.

I look forward to my dual citizenship and am proud to say that my wife is 
Canadian. I just hope that Canada will someday be the country my wife 
thought it was and will be a nice place to raise my children.

William Kelley

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