Pubdate: Wed, 25 May 2005
Source: Messenger-Inquirer (KY)
Copyright: 2005 Messenger-Inquirer
Author: Frances Munday


I'm writing in regard to a May 15 Readers Write letter -- "Kipling no place 
for treatment center."

There are people -- addicts -- who need and desire help. They need to be 
supported to be successful. They surely don't need the negativity that they 
seem to get so often.

There are so many families that have been affected by alcohol and drugs. 
Mine has; however, we are getting through it because of the desire to make 
it. If the letter writer's family has not been affected by addiction -- 
good luck -- and I hope it never is, but hers is one of the few that hasn't.

If her nephew and all of his friends will never get to play outside again, 
they will live a very sheltered life.

Whenever any one of us goes outside, we could be standing right next to an 
addict and not even know it.

Excuse me for being real.

Frances Munday

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