Pubdate: Sun, 22 May 2005
Source: Advocate-Messenger, The (KY)
Copyright: 2005 The Advocate-Messenger
Author: Steve Knight


Dear Editor:

As a parent of three children in the Danville School District, I want
to applaud the district as well as local law enforcement for the
Wednesday drug sweep at DHS. Drug activity is one of the most
destructive forces permeating our society, and I am glad to see the
message being sent to students that drug use will not be tolerated.

I am sure that people will claim a violation of privacy, but because
they are minors they don't have the same expectation of privacy that
adults have, nor should they. Young people need to understand that the
actions taken yesterday are in their best interest and the authorities
whether it be school administrators or police officers are trying to
protect them from heading down a pathway that only leads to tragedy. I
hope the students found to be in possession will be punished, but will
also get some help while they still can be helped.

Many people in our community do not realize the extent of the drug
problem in our area or want to ignore it. The fact of the matter is
that we have the same problems that larger cities are having. Don't
think so? You must not be observing the steady flow of addicts and
pushers coming through our court system every week, and these are just
the ones being caught. It is amazing that these drug criminals can't
see the enormous cost to their community and themselves their selfish
choice creates. Maybe if we can get the message across early enough,
the next generation can reverse the sad self-detructive trend our
country has been following for decades.

The students and their parents at DHS and Boyle County should stand up
and applaud law enforcement, especially during this National Police
Week. Law enforcement is doing the job we as parents need to be doing
better. To the state police, Boyle County Sheriff's Department,
Lincoln County Sheriff's Department and Danville City Police
Department, as a parent and as a citizen, I say thank you.

Steve Knight

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