Pubdate: Sun, 22 May 2005
Source: Statesman Journal (Salem, OR)
Copyright: 2005 Statesman Journal
Author: Cynthia Pedersen
Bookmark: (Methamphetamine)


The new legislation requiring pharmacist oversight of pseudoephedrine sales 
is a good step to combat the growing problem of meth addiction, but it may 
have a limited effect. In fact, 80 percent of methamphetamine is supplied 
by Mexican drug cartels using "super labs" located in central California.

These super labs represent only 4 percent of the meth labs in the United 
States. It would seem that this new legislation targeting "home" labs will 
not stem the flow of meth to a substantial degree.

Meth addiction is particularly troublesome in Oregon and the West Coast in 
general. I have been reading reports that methamphetamine use is on the 
rise across the country, including small, rural towns in middle America.

It is about time that state and federal law enforcement agencies coordinate 
efforts to crack down on all sources of methamphetamine and that United 
States government officials begin working in earnest with the governments 
of countries which have chemical manufacturers that sell the 
methamphetamine cartels the bulk supplies needed for production.

We should immediately address this problem on all fronts; otherwise, as a 
society, we will continue to pay a heavy price for our inaction.

- -- Cynthia Pedersen

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