Pubdate: Fri, 20 May 2005
Source: Bloor West Villager (CN ON)
Copyright: 2005 Bloor West Villager
Author: Stuart Green
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Co-operation Key to Battling Crime

Policing neighbourhoods is a two-way street and the focus of this
year's police week is to get out the message that residents and
officers working together is the best way to build safer

"By fostering a positive relationship, we can together build safer
communities," Police Chief Bill Blair said at the launch of police
week in Toronto earlier this week. "Our success cannot be measured on
how many people we arrest, our success can only be measured in how
safe and secure the public feels as well as their confidence in us to
do our job."

Visit Station

Across the city this week, residents are being encouraged to visit
their local police station and get to know the officers who work in
their neighbourhoods.

"The importance of police week cannot be overstated," the chief

"It promotes a better understanding of what we do in the police

"In a city where the police know the public they serve and the public
knows the police officers who serve them and where a relationship of
mutual respect is built, we will have a safe city."

Police Services Board chair Pam McConnell (Ward 28, Toronto
Centre-Rosedale) said the week is a good way for all with an interest
in community safety to come together, but the real work goes on all

"Real and lasting strategies for effective crime prevention will never
come from any one group or any one act," she said.

"Solutions can only be found if we truly work together all year round,
52 weeks of the year."

More Resources

Community Safety Minister MPP Monte Kwinter (York Centre), on hand to
represent the provincial government, said the Liberals are committed
to making communities safer by giving police more resources and
flexibility to do their job.

He said an announcement on how the province will flow money to allow
the hiring of 1,000 new officers is forthcoming and pointed to a pilot
project in Toronto where police and city officials have been given
overlapping powers to combat the "scourge" of marijuana grow-ops. "A
close partnership between the police and the many communities that
make up Toronto is an illustration of the success of community
policing," he said. "Fostering co-operation between the community and
police is key to achieving our goals to making Ontario safer and more
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