Pubdate: Fri, 20 May 2005
Source: Decatur Daily (AL)
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Author: Holly Hollman
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Is being on the cheerleading squad worth peeing in a cup? Is bringing
a cell phone to school worth expulsion? The following are proposed
policies that Superintendent Orman Bridges Jr. gave the Athens City
Board of Education on Thursday for future consideration:

Drug testing policyIf you are a student athlete, cheerleader or in
extracurricular activities in grades 7-12, you will undergo drug and
alcohol testing.

If you don't comply, you cannot participate.

Testing may be prior to the seasonal start of the activity or

If you test positive, the board will suspend you from any activities
for 40 days and may order you to get counseling. If you test positive
a second time, you will be suspended from any activities until the end
of the school year. If the violation occurs near the end of the year,
the suspension is for a minimum of 80 days. You must get counseling.
If you test positive a third time, you are suspended from activities
for a calendar year, and you must get counseling.

Board member James Lucas said he has problems testing certain students
because the ones he sees getting involved in drugs do not participate
in extracurricular activities.

Bridges estimated the cost will be $30 to $40 per student.

Bridges said an anonymous donor has offered to cover testing

Code of Conduct changes

Prohibits you having at school any electronic devices, such as cells
phones and pagers, except for health or other needs and with prior
permission from the principal. School board attorney Shane Black said
this is state law, which requires the board to consider expulsion for
violations. Board members thought expulsion excessive. Black said the
board could also give you five days out-of-school suspension, corporal
punishment or in-school suspension.

Adds sexual harassment and promoting sexual acts as Class III
offenses. You could get various suspensions, expulsion and legal action.

Adds making threats or intimidating students; loitering; gambling;
offensive touching; possession of a pocket knife; and inappropriate
use of technology resources all Class II offenses. That means you
could get various suspensions, corporal punishment and legal action.

Adds littering as a Class I offense. You could get after-school
detention, in-school suspension or a conference with your parents and
school officials.

Only seniors can participate in on-the-job cooperative training, and
these students must find their own transportation to their jobs.
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