Pubdate: Fri, 20 May 2005
Source: Abbotsford Times (CN BC)
Copyright: 2005 The Abbotsford Times
Author: Alison Myrden


the Editor:

Re: 'Legalization of drugs is no solution to growing problem,' Times
Letters, May 13.

I am not only tired but a bit confused.

Do people such as letter writer Eric Myrholm ever consider how the
sick and dying people of their country gain access to prescription
medication such as the newest kid on the block, medical marijuana,
when drugs are not fully and completely legalized and regulated ?

I have been battling this issue for longer than I care to remember but
will never stop until everyone is educated. We, as sick people, have
medicine and this issue is completely resolved.

I ran for federal office in 2004 for the New Democratic Party for this
very reason - I want change.

Myrholm would do well by reassuring himself of why he wants to
continue this war on drugs and hurt people like me.

I am without a viable and consistent supply of marijuana on a daily
basis due to these laws and restrictions within the black market and I
need to have this resolved today. No more suffering.

Read my story on LEAP's biography page [Law Enforcement Against
Prohibition -] and see how people of this country and
others suffer due to this insensitive and selfish soliloquy the
government has justified with this sad and intrusive war on drugs.

Maybe you can be a friend of LEAP when finished your forthcoming

Alison Myrden

LEAP in Canada
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