Pubdate: Fri, 13 May 2005
Source: Calgary Herald (CN AB)
Copyright: 2005 Calgary Herald
Author: Chris Buors


Re: "Premiers want tougher sentences for meth dealers," May 6.

The western premiers must mean to imply that prohibition works, judging by 
their collective advice on the latest drug du jour, crystal meth.

That someone would actually have the nerve to point to the American 
prohibition experience as an example of success is astounding.

The Taliban of Afghanistan were the only government brutal enough to ever 
make prohibition work. The Americans have no shortage of crystal meth in 
Oklahoma or anywhere else it is in demand.

The concept of addiction is ridiculous. Some supernatural force gets hold 
of people and makes them do things that are against their will. Pardon me 
if I remain a little skeptical of that notion.

Measured against the free will notion, the theory of addiction loses much 
authority. Measured in the laboratory, the theory of addiction loses 
whatever authority that might have remained.

The western premiers ought to work towards ensuring a safe supply of 
crystal meth is available at the pharmacy if they want to put all the 
underground labs out of business. The more important consequence would be 
that fewer users would come to harm.

Chris Buors,

Winnipeg, Man. 
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