Pubdate: Wed, 11 May 2005
Source: Tampa Tribune (FL)
Copyright: 2005, The Tribune Co.
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Author: Stephen Heath


Regarding ``Court Denies Limbaugh Medical Records Appeal'' (Nation/World,
April 29):

The latest news in the high-profile case of Rush Limbaugh indicates
we are one step closer to having all of our personal medical decisions
made by police officers instead of by doctors.

The Drug Enforcement Administration personnel are not medical
professionals; they are cops. Yet they decide when an American seeking
legitimate pain relief has enough medication. And their decisions pave
the way for state and local law enforcement nationwide.

Limbaugh's national prominence makes him easy fodder for those seeking
his conviction and imprisonment on ``doctor-shopping'' charges. But
such vengeful thinking does nothing to help the freedom of all
Americans who seek relief from ``Big Brother'' government gravely
intoning what otherwise law-abiding adults are free to put into their
own bodies at their own expense.

If the nonmedical DEA and other state law enforcement officers can
tell Limbaugh his legal limits on pain relief, they can tell us all.
And those of us who don't medicate as instructed by these cops will
face arrest, prosecution and mandatory prison time.(



The writer is public relations director for Drug Policy Forum of
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