Pubdate: Thu, 05 May 2005
Source: Huntsville Times (AL)
Copyright: 2005 The Huntsville Times
Author: James R. Taylor


Although it is obvious that Bo Bice is a talented young man, it is
difficult for me to support him in his desire to become the next
American Idol.

The Fox Network and producers say they knew of Bo's previous
indiscretions and drug arrest. The Alabama courts have been very
lenient in the prosecution of Bo after being busted on two occasions
for drugs. It's great that he graduated from the diversion program but
I have a problem with the courts sealing the information. I read that
the charges are supposed to be dropped and no court records are kept
if you graduate from the diversion program.

This is not always the case for everyone and this is where the problem
lies. I agree with the assistant district attorney that cocaine use is
a felony and should be public record, although in Los Angeles it
probably is a misdemeanor. There are times when the courts should seal
records for minor childhood crimes but Bo was an adult (over 18).

So if America can look over Bo's so-called past indiscretions, I wish
him good luck in the next few weeks of the contest. Most important, I
hope that he has cleaned up his drug dilemma.

James R. Taylor

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