Pubdate: Sat, 23 Apr 2005
Source: Whidbey News-Times (WA)
Copyright: 2005 Whidbey News Times
Author: Lisa Yeager


You have probably heard it time and time again: talk to your kids about 
drugs! It is good advice. Kids who learn about the risks of drug use from 
their parents are less likely to use drugs than kids who have not had such 
conversations with their parents. Where do you start?

Below are some tips for getting the conversation started and places to 
learn more so that you feel better prepared with correct information about 

Use those teachable moments that come up when watching TV. News reports, 
anti-drug commercials and alcohol and drug use portrayed in movies can lead 
into a conversation with your children about alcohol and other drug use.

Give honest answers. If you don't know, find out or seek out the answer 
together with your child. Where can you begin searching?

The site has facts about drugs specifically geared 
toward parents. It also contains useful information about how to talk to 
your child about drugs. Also, try This site offers 
more tips about talking to your kids about drugs and a variety of other 
topics. Or go to Partnership for a Drug Free 
America has gathered a great deal of information for adults and students on 
this site.

Call Washington State Alcohol/Drug Prevention Clearinghouse at 
1-800-662-9111 to request information on any topic related to alcohol, 
tobacco and other drugs. The info will be mailed to your address free of 
charge. Not sure what to request? Just explain to the clearinghouse staff 
your interests and they will send any brochures, information fact sheets 
and booklets that may be of help.

April is Drug Free Washington Month. Use it as an opportunity to talk with 
your child about being drug free.

Lisa Yeager

North Whidbey Youth Coalition 
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