Pubdate: Thu, 28 Apr 2005
Source: Ottawa Citizen (CN ON)
Copyright: 2005 The Ottawa Citizen
Author: Melissa Coleman


Re: Council keeps crack pipe program, April 22.

Police Chief Vince Bevan's recommendation that Ottawa develop a 
comprehensive drug strategy and drug-prevention programs is welcome.

Council and the Ottawa Police Services Board should divert a small 
percentage --perhaps five per cent -- of our police drug-enforcement budget 
next year and in subsequent years to public-health drug-use-prevention 
programs in our schools and communities.

Similar public-health programs to reduce smoking and alcohol abuse have 
been successful with young people.

A successful prevention program would contribute to lower demand for drugs, 
less trafficking on our streets and lower levels of crime by addicts 
seeking money to buy drugs. That, in turn, would reduce calls on Chief 
Bevan and his police officers to respond to the consequences of drug use.

Ottawa's taxpayers and citizens would avoid escalating police budgets and 
property taxes and live in a safer city. This drug strategy is a good 
beginning, so let's get on with it.

Melissa Coleman,

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