Pubdate: Thu, 21 Apr 2005
Source: NOW Magazine (CN ON)
Copyright: 2005 NOW Communications Inc.
Author: Tim Meehan


Your advice in your news insight to avoid tinfoil when growing pot (NOW, 
April 14-20) is correct. But may I recommend sheets of double-aluminized 
Mylar and/or C3 anti-detection film instead of just paint.

Not only will this help in energy conservation (more reflection means less 
wattage needed) and help protect drywall from mould, but it will also 
defeat the latest gee-whiz technology used by police in the war on home 
gardening: forward-looking infrared (FLIR). Shielding with Mylar blocks the 
infrared light these FLIR detectors use.

Mylar is expensive, but it's a worthwhile investment when you consider that 
a good pot defence lawyer in Toronto will run you about $30,000.

Tim Meehan

Ottawa, Ontario 
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