Pubdate: Wed, 20 Apr 2005
Source: Langley Times (CN BC)
Copyright: 2005 BC Newspaper Group and New Media Development
Author: Joey Head


Editor: Frank Bucholtz' opinion (The Times, March 6) that we should not 
ease up on enforcing laws against growing and selling marijuana is very 
"old school." I held these views myself, but have had to reconsider them, 
given that these views are no longer held by the majority in our society.

Marijuana is a mellow passive drug. It does not make people agitated or 
aggressive. It is not addictive. The fact that the price of this drug has 
dropped considerably over the past 10 years would suggest that the supply 
is greater than the demand.

The answer to our modern-day debate is a no-brainer. Decriminalize this 
drug. Permit it to be marketed like liquor and cigarettes, and then tax it. 
That would get the criminal element out of the game. Criminals want to earn 
fast dollars. Private enterprise will greatly reduce profit margins.

Police could then concentrate on major crime. We spend too many tax dollars 
on marijuana growers.

I believe the majoritry of us Canadians would choose not to smoke 
marijuana, similar to the percentages of us who choose not to smoke 
nicotine. Smoking marijuana is no different than that cup of coffee you 
drink every morning - except you are probably addicted to your coffee.

Joey Head,

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