Pubdate: Wed, 20 Apr 2005
Source: Daily Camera (CO)
Copyright: 2005 The Daily Camera.
Author: Eleni Kennebeck
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I recently read an article that addressed the annual pot-smoking event held
on Farrand Field every April 20 at the University of Colorado, Boulder.
While the CU administration is trying to "snuff" the event and prevent it
from happening in fear of adding more bad publicity to the school's already
tainted reputation, the simple act of taking action puts the school in the
spotlight once again.

Even as a CU student, I had never heard of this annual occurrence until I
read the article. I am aware that I am part of the minority and that I do
not represent the entire student body in my ignorance of the event. However,
I know of it now after having read the article; so do people like my grandma
and the priest at my church.

The university should focus its efforts on keeping the event under control
without making it a big deal. How many violent potheads do you know? The
worst that is going to happen is that hundreds of students will participate
in an illegal activity, which, to the university's dismay, will happen no
matter where, when or how it is regulated. Trying to eliminate marijuana use
on Farrand Field on April 20 in an attempt to clean up the school's
reputation is likely to create an uproar by the participants (or a
pot-induced riot that would be much calmer than what CU is used to) that
would be on the front page of the paper.


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