Pubdate: Sat, 16 Apr 2005
Source: Daily Camera (CO)
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Author: Brittany Anas, Camera Staff Writer
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New student leaders also elected; fee for crew fails

University of Colorado students this week approved a measure that asks
officials to ease up on marijuana penalties.

The referendum, put forth by the Boulder-based group Safer Alternative For
Enjoyable Recreation, asks that university officials make sanctions for
marijuana use no more severe than they are for comparable alcohol

Polls in the campus wide election closed Friday night. Students approved 10
of the 11 referenda that were put before them.

The marijuana referendum was one of the more popular ones, earning 3,926
"yes" votes.

To pass, a referendum must earn 10 percent of the student body vote,
according to the election rules.

"We are very happy," said Mason Tvert, director of SAFER. "This demonstrates
what our organization and many of the students at CU feel, and that is that
marijuana is safer than alcohol. The current penalties put forth by the
university are not sensible."

In a statement released this week, CU officials said there is little
difference in the severity of sanctions for illegal drugs and alcohol
violations. Both are punished by probation, community service and a drug and
alcohol program, officials said.

"CU Boulder will not be bound by the outcome of the student referendum," the
statement said.

Tvert said officials would be negligent if they did not heed the student

Colorado State University students also passed SAFER's referendum in their
campus elections earlier this month.

Among the other referenda approved by students was one that asked them to
pay an extra 45 cents per semester for Student Emergency Medical Services, a
group of medical students at CU who would staff parties and events held by
campus organizations.

Students voted down a fee increase that would have funded the Colorado Crew
team. That was the only referendum that did not pass.

Students also elected new representatives. Preliminary results Friday night
showed that students Jeremy Jimenez, Brad Long and Mo Gebre-Michael will be
the next tri-executives.

Their "Golden Ticket" won 50 percent of the votes cast in the three-way
race. The winning students campaigned on a platform that included providing
free self-defense classes on campus, increasing funds for the ethnic studies
department and supporting environmental projects on campus.

The University of Colorado Student Union is comprised of executive,
legislative and judicial branches and oversees a budget that exceeds $25
million a year. 
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