Pubdate: Fri, 01 Apr 2005
Source: Tennessean, The (TN) 
Copyright: 2005 The Tennessean
Author: Roger Thompson


To the Editor:

With regard to the Meth-Free Tennessee Act 2005, I am opposed to one
provision of this act - the requirement that cold medications can only
be sold at pharmacies. (''Meth-abused cold pills now at drugstores
only,'' March 31)

The brands sold in pharmacies are more expensive. In addition,
pharmacies are always busy with customers, and this will add to their
long lines.

I have been purchasing the Dollar General Store's brand for several
years and at half the cost of K-Mart and Walgreen's brands.

Tullahoma currently requires these medications to be locked away and
for customers to present identification and to sign a ledger when
purchasing. Dollar General Store has been following this requirement,
and I have not read of any problems with this practice.

Why does the state law require the sale only at pharmacies? Is this
another bill submitted by a special interest group to protect its
market? I urge a rethinking of this provision of the law.

Roger Thompson

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